Learning Monocular Dense Depth from Events


Event cameras are novel sensors that output brightness changes in the form of a stream of asynchronous "events" instead of intensity frames. Compared to conventional image sensors, they offer significant advantages: high temporal resolution, high dynamic range, no motion blur, and much lower bandwidth. Recently, learning-based approaches have been applied to event-based data, thus unlocking their potential and making significant progress in a variety of tasks, such as monocular depth prediction. Most existing approaches use standard feed-forward architectures to generate network predictions, which do not leverage the temporal consistency presents in the event stream. We propose a recurrent architecture to solve this task and show significant improvement over standard feed-forward methods. In particular, our method generates dense depth predictions using a monocular setup, which has not been shown previously. We pretrain our model using a new dataset containing events and depth maps recorded in the CARLA simulator. We test our method on the Multi Vehicle Stereo Event Camera Dataset (MVSEC). Quantitative experiments show up to 50% improvement in average depth error with respect to previous event-based methods.

Code for Depth Prediction

The reconstruction code and a trained model are available here.

Depth Estimation oN Synthetic Events - DENSE Dataset

The dataset used to pretrain the model in our paper Learning Monocular Dense Depth from Events is available in the table below. The camera parameters are set to mimic the event camera at MVSEC with a sensor size of 346 x 260 pixels (resolution of the DAVIS346B) and a focal length of 83 degrees horizontal field of view. DENSE splits into five sequences for training, two sequences for validation, and one sequence for testing. Each sequence consists of 1000 samples at 30 FPS and each sample is a tuple of one RGB image, the stream of events between two consecutive images, ground truth depth, and segmentation labels.


Please cite the following paper if you use this dataset or the event camera sensor in CARLA for your research:

Learning Monocular Dense Depth from Events

J. Hidalgo-Carrió, D. Gehrig, D. Scaramuzza

Learning Monocular Dense Depth from Events

IEEE International Conference on 3D Vision (3DV), 2020.

PDF Code Project Page

Training Sequences

Sequence Preview
Download link
train_sequence_00_town01.zip (320 MB)
train_sequence_01_town02.zip (344 MB)
train_sequence_02_town03.zip (245 MB)
train_sequence_03_town04.zip (280 MB)
train_sequence_04_town05.zip (305 MB)

Validation Sequences

Sequence Preview
Download link
valid_sequence_00_town06.zip (274 MB)
valid_sequence_01_town07.zip (402 MB)

Test Sequences

Sequence Preview
Download link
test_sequence_00_town10.zip (353 MB)

MVSEC Sequences

Outdoors Day1
Outdoors Day2
Outdoors Night1
Outdoors Night2
Outdoors Night3
outdoor_day1.tar (4.1 GB) outdoor_day2.tar (7.9 GB) outdoor_night1.zip (3.3 GB) outdoor_night2.zip (3.4 GB) outdoor_night3.zip (3.0 GB)


We thank Alessio Tonioni and Federico Tombari for their valuable help in this work.