Driving Event Camera Dataset (Samsung DVS Gen3)

The following driving dataset was recorded in the context of the paper High Speed and High Dynamic Range Video with an Event Camera. The datasets consists of a number of sequences that were recorded with a VGA (640x480) event camera (Samsung DVS Gen3) and a conventional RGB camera (Huawei P20 Pro) placed on the windshield of a car driving through Zurich.

We provide all event sequences as binary rosbag files for use with the Robot Operating System (ROS). The format is the one used by the RPG DVS ROS driver. The rosbag files contain events using dvs_msgs/EventArray messages.

We thank Cedric Scheerlinck for his valuable help in recording these datasets.


Please cite the following paper if you use these datasets for your research:

High Speed and High Dynamic Range Video with an Event Camera

H. Rebecq, R. Ranftl, V. Koltun, D. Scaramuzza

High Speed and High Dynamic Range Video with an Event Camera

IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, 2019.

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Events (Samsung DVS Gen3) Reference Video (Huawei P20)
highway1.bag (5.7 GB) highway1.mp4 (227.7 MB)
highway2.bag (5.0 GB) highway2.mp4 (162.4 MB)
highway3.bag (4.5 GB) highway3.mp4 (161 MB)
parking1.bag (3.6 GB) parking1.mp4 (78.1 MB)
parking2.bag (4.0 GB) parking2.mp4 (91.5 MB)
uzh_parking1.bag (1.8 GB) uzh_parking1.mp4 (109 MB)
street1.bag (2.7 GB) street1.mp4 (52.9 MB)
street2.bag (1.4 GB) street2.mp4 (38.8 MB)
street3.bag (1.6 GB) street3.mp4 (57.0 MB)
street4.bag (3.0 GB) street4.mp4 (159 MB)
street5.bag (7.1 GB) street5.mp4 (200 MB)
back1.bag (4.9 GB) back1.mp4 (133 MB)
back2.bag (1.8 GB) back2.mp4 (84.1 MB)
back3.bag (3.6 GB) back3.mp4 (99.6 MB)
back4.bag (2.8 GB) back4.mp4 (72.5 MB)
back6.bag (615 Mb) back6.mp4 (31.1 MB)
back7.bag (2.0 GB) back7.mp4 (111.6 MB)
back8.bag (1.8 GB) back8.mp4 (51 MB)
back9.bag (9.8 GB) back9.mp4 (145.1 MB)
back10.bag (1.7 GB) back10.mp4 (56.6 MB)
back11 back11.bag (481 Mb) NA
back12.bag (1.2 GB) back12.mp4 (45.7 MB)

Driving datasets (with sun in the field-of-view)

Driving sequences recorded early in the morning (when the sun is still low in the sky), with the car facing the sun.

Events (Samsung DVS Gen3) Reference Video (Huawei P20)
sun1.bag (6.1 GB) sun1.mp4 (157 MB)
sun2.bag (3.5 GB) sun2.mp4 (115 MB)
sun3.bag (2.9 GB) sun3.mp4 (127 MB)
sun4.bag (3.2 GB) sun4.mp4 (131 MB)
sun5.bag (1.3 GB) sun5.mp4 (67.4 MB)
sun6.bag (3.7 GB) sun6.mp4 (109 MB)
sun7.bag (212 Mb) sun7.mp4 (47.8 MB)
sun8.bag (4.6 GB) sun8.mp4 (126 MB)
sun9.bag (2.2 GB) sun9.mp4 (60.9 MB)
sun10.bag (2.6 GB) sun10.mp4 (110 MB)
sun11.bag (3.9 GB) sun11.mp4 (102 MB)
sun12 sun12.bag (4.7 GB) NA
sun13.bag (4.3 GB) sun13.mp4 (99.6 MB)
sun14.bag (1.9 GB) sun14.mp4 (68.2 MB)
sun15.bag (2.3 GB) sun15.mp4 (75.9 MB)
sun16.bag (3.9 GB) sun16.mp4 (77.6 MB)
sun17.bag (2.5 GB) sun17.mp4 (64.4 MB)