NeuroBEM: Hybrid Aerodynamic Quadrotor Modeling



We release our extensive dataset which contains recordings from 1h:15min of agile quadrotor flights. The dataset was recorded with a custom-built drone in a large hangar equipped with a Vicon motion-capture system. At a rate of 400 Hz, we provide accurate measurements of

The inertial frame used in this work has a z-axis pointing upwards. Similarly, the body frame of the drone is a front-left-up frame, i.e. x points forwards, y to the left and the z-axis points in the direction of the propeller thrust.

Folder Structure

An overview over all flights is given in Flights.txt.
The data is provided in seperate folders with the following content:

Processed Data

This folder contains the main dataset. For each flight listed in Flights.txt one or multiple csv files exist. This happens because the flights are subdivided so that only regions where the drone is actually flying are contained in dataset. Furthermore, sections where the Vicon systems had dropouts are removed from the data to ensure consistency and high data quality. To see which segment of a flight is used (and what its index is), check the corresponding plots in the pdf/ subfolder.

Each csv file in the folder has the following column order which is also specified in each files’ header.

Column Quantity Header Abbreviation
1 time [s] t
2 angular acceleration body x [rad/s^2] ang acc x
3 angular acceleration body y [rad/s^2] ang acc y
4 angular acceleration body z [rad/s^2] ang acc z
5 angular velocity body x [rad/s] ang vel x
6 angular velocity body y [rad/s] ang vel y
7 angular velocity body z [rad/s] ang vel z
8 quaternion qx qx
9 quaternion qy qy
10 quaternion qz qz
11 quaternion qw qw
12 acceleration body x [m/s^2] acc x
13 acceleration body y [m/s^2] acc y
14 acceleration body z [m/s^2] acc z
15 velocity body x [m/s] vel x
16 velocity body y [m/s] vel y
17 velocity body z [m/s] vel z
18 position x [m] pos x
19 position y [m] pos y
20 position z [m] pos z
21 motor speed back right [rad/s] mot 1
22 motor speed front right [rad/s] mot 2
23 motor speed back left [rad/s] mot 3
24 motor speed front left [rad/s] mot 4
25 derivative motor speed 1 [rad/s^2] dmot 1
26 derivative motor speed 2 [rad/s^2] dmot 2
27 derivative motor speed 3 [rad/s^2] dmot 3
28 derivative motor speed 4 [rad/s^2] dmot 4
29 battery voltage [V] vbat

Raw Data

The raw_data/ folder contains two types of files:

The files are only provided for completeness, but they do not contain additional information that would be needed. To decode the betaflight logs, use the blackbox-tools utility that can be found on GitHub:


To quickly check how a specific flight looks and how it is divided into segments, one can check the PDF folder. For each flight in the Flights.txt file, one can find a corresponding pdf. It contains plots of all the variables. Furthermore, dashed lines show which segments belong to which part of the flight. The PDF’s are just a convenience feature.