30.08.2018Neue Zurcher Zeitung

Wie Robotikprofessor Scaramuzza Erdbebenopfern mit Drohnen helfen will [ Link ]

28.08.2018Switzerland Innovation Park

Grundlagen fuer schnellere autonome Drohnen im Hangar 3 getestet [ Link ]

16.08.2018SRF - 10Vor10

Maschinen unter uns: KI bei der Rettungsarbeit [ Link ]


An der Orientierung in unübersichtlichem Gelände scheitert die künstliche Intelligenz regelmässig - doch kristallisiert sich hier eine Lösung heraus [ Link ]

27.07.2018 SwissInfo.ch

After an earthquake, drones to the rescue? [ Link ]


Curious about drones? Here are the basics [ Link ]


Delivery drones can learn to see and dodge obstacles in-flight [ Link ]


Facebook baut in Zuerich weiter aus [ Link ]

01.07.2018Optics & Photonics

Rise of the Robots [ Link ]


Drones Just Learned to Fly Solo, Which Means Pro Racers May Soon Meet Their Match [ Link ]

14.06.2018UZH Magazin

Lernen im Flug [ Link ]

31.05.2018Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship

Qualcomm Announces the Winners of the European Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship Program [ Link ]

16.05.2018 FudZilla

Boffins create low-powered drones which don’t need humans [ Link ]

16.05.2018 The Register

Boffins build smallest drone to fly itself with AI [ Link ]

14.05.2018 SiliconANGLE

Crossing the uncanny valley without losing our grip on AI’s value [ Link ]

14.05.2018 SPIE Digital Library

Autonomous agile vision-controlled drones: from frame to event vision [ Link ]


Qualcomm Announces the Winners of the European Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship Program [ Link ]


UZH Annual Report [ Link ]


Il drone impara... le dure regole della strada [ Link ]

11.04.2018Robotics and Automation News

Dynamic vision sensors and event cameras could reduce machine perception's computing workload [ Link ]

02.04.2018Business Insider Italia

Le aziende spiano i nostri selfie sui social per capire che marchi usiamo e creare nuovi prodotti [ Link ]

01.04.2018Unmanned Systems Technology

UAV highway safety code [ Link ]

14.02.2018La Repubblica

Tra alberi e palazzi ora il drone fa lo slalom [ Link ]

26.01.2018Drone Life

DroNet Algorithm Learns From Traffic to Navigate City Streets [ Link ]

26.01.2018The Robot Report

DroNet Teaches Drones to Autonomously Navigate Cities [ Link ]


Autonomous high flying drones learn to navigate by watching traffic below [ Link ]


Zürcher Algorithmus lenkt Drohnen sicher durch die Stadt [ Link ]

25.01.2018IEEE Spectrum

AI-Powered Drone Mimics Cars and Bikes to Navigate Through City Streets [ Link ]

24.01.2018Tages Anzeiger

Diese Drohne lernt durch Imitation [ Link ]


So kommen Drohnen sicher durch die Stadt [ Link ]

24.01.2018Digital Trends

The DroNet algorithm teaches drones to navigate city streets like cars [ Link ]


Drones learn to navigate autonomously by imitating cars and bicycles [ Link ]

23.01.2018Science Daily

Drones learn to navigate autonomously by imitating cars and bicycles [ Link ]

23.01.2018Alpha Galileo

Drones learn to navigate autonomously by imitating cars and bicycles [ Link ]


Drones learn to navigate autonomously by imitating cars and bicycles [ Link ]


Zürcher Algorithmus lenkt Drohnen sicher durch die Stadt [ Link ]

23.01.2018ORF Science

So kommen Drohnen sicher durch die Stadt [ Link ]


Zürcher Algorithmus lenkt Drohnen sicher durch die Stadt [ Link ]


Drohne lernt von Fahrradfahrern [ Link ]


Drones Learn To Navigate Autonomously By Imitating Cars And Bicycles [ Link ]

23.01.2018Blick am Abend

Sicher durch die Stadt [ Link ]

23.01.201820 Minuten

Uni macht Drohnenflüge sicherer [ Link ]


14.12.2017NCCR Robotics

Integrative Demo of Aerial and Terrestrial Robots for Rescue Missions 1st November 2017[ Link ]

01.12.2017IEEE Spectrum

Video Friday: Pepper at Work, Robot Muscles, and NASA's Next Rover[ Link ]


Bio-inspired retina allows drones to almost see in the dark with no motion blur[ Link ]


Drones can almost see in the dark [ Link ]

26.09.2017Wwwhat's New

Drones que ven en la oscuridad usando retinas artificiales [ Link ]

25.09.2017IEEE Spectrum

Drone With Event Camera Takes First Autonomous Flight [ Link ]


La camara militar que permitira a los drones autonomos 'ver' en la oscuridad [ Link ]


Autonomous drones can now almost 'see in the dark' with this new camera [ Link ]

24.09.2017Sputnik International

Researchers Give Drones Almost-Human Sight: Tech Could Allow for non-GPS Use [ Link ]


Zurich: des drones capables de s'orienter par faible visibilite' [ Link ]


Des drones pour faciliter la recherche de disparus? [ Link ]

21.09.2017Research & Development

Drones That Can Almost See in the Dark [ Link ]

21.09.2017Tribune de Geneve

Des drones pour faciliter la recherche de disparus? [ Link ]

21.09.2017Le Matin

Zurich Des drones pour faciliter la recherche de disparus? [ Link ]

21.09.201724 Heures

Des drones pour faciliter la recherche de disparus? [ Link ]

21.09.2017Defense One

Swiss Researchers Invent Way to Let Mini Drones See in the Dark [ Link ]


Drohnen fuer die Suche nach Vermissten - auch bei wenig Licht [ Link ]


Drones can almost see in the dark [ Link ]


Drones can almost see in the dark [ Link ]

20.09.2017Wallstreet Online

Drohne mit Event-Kamera sieht auch in der Nacht [ Link ]

06.10.2017ICT Journal

Les robots du futur auront des yeux suisses [ Link ]

31.08.2017Tages Anzeiger

Scientifica - Fragen Und Antworten [ Link ]

10.02.2017Discovery Channel Canada

Collaborative Transport with Multiple MAVs [ Link ]



10.02.2016SRF Tagesschau

"Fliegende Spuerhunde" [ Link ]

Newspapers & Magazines

19.11.2016International Federation of Robotics

2016 World Robotics report

19.09.2016Alumni Magazine

"Autonomous Vision-based Navigation" [ Link ]

01.05.2016Science & Vie

"Les premiers drones à pouvoir se repérer tout seuls en forêt" [ Link ]

01.05.2016Technology Review

"Drohnen: Mehr Autonomie wagen" [ Link ]


"Was koennen Roboter heute eigentlich alles?" [ Link ]


13.12.2016Digital Trends

"Daredevil Drones Can Navigate Narrow Gaps at High Speed" [ Link ]

09.12.2016MIT Technology Review

"Watch This Robotic Quadcopter Fly Aggressively Through Narrow Gaps" [ Link ]


"Drone flight through narrow gaps using onboard sensing and computing" [ Link ]

28.09.2016DIY Drones

"PX4-based "aggressive quadcopter" navigates gaps with pure autonomy" [ Link ]

28.09.2016IEEE Spectrum

"Aggressive Quadrotors Conquer Gaps With Ultimate Autonomy" [ Link ]

16.05.2016Sensefly Waypoint

"A Question of Perception (Pt 2) - Talking Robo-Collaboration & Future Challenges & More with Prof. Scaramuzza" [ Link ]

18.04.2016Sensefly Waypoint

"A Question of Perception - Talking Autonomous Robot Navigation with Prof. Davide Scaramuzza" [ Link ]

05.04.2016NVIDIA GTC 2016

"Introduction of Opening Keynote (1:27-1:34)" [ Link ]

31.03.2016SPARC Robotics

"Why making robots is still hard" [ Link ]


"The Digital Revolution in Partnership with Deloitte" [ Link ]

12.02.2016Discovery Channel Canada

"Autonomous search-and-rescue drones outperform humans at navigating forest trails" [ Link ]

11.02.2016The Verge

"Autonomous search-and-rescue drones outperform humans at navigating forest trails" [ Link ]


"This drone uses AI to find its way through a forest" [ Link ]

11.02.2016IEEE Spectrum

"AAAI Video Highlights: Drones Navigating Forests and Robot Boat Swarms" [ Link ]

10.02.2016NBC News

"Trail-Following Drones Could Locate and Guide Lost Hikers" [ Link ]


"These Rescue Drones Search Forest Trails Like Robot Rangers" [ Link ]

10.02.2016The Washington Times

"Swiss researchers develop rescue drone that navigates forest trails better than a human" [ Link ]


"Drones recognise and follow forest trails in search of lost people" [ Link ]

10.02.2016Popular Mechanics

"New Software Turns Drones into Bloodhounds that Could Track You Through the Woods" [ Link ]



7.07.2015SRF 10vor10

"Post aus der Luft" [ Link ]


14.08.2015Technische Rundschau

"Die autonome Drohne ist da!" [ Link ] [ PDF ]


"Mit der Drohne ueber die Teppich-Stadt" [ Link ]

09.04.2015The Times of India

"New technology makes drones safer, smarter" [ Link ]

08.04.2015Bangalore Mirror

"Just toss it in the air and this drone will take off, land itself" [ Link ]


"Forscher ruesten Drohnen zu «Seiltaenzern» um" [ Link ]

30.03.201520 Minuten

"Forscher ruesten Drohnen zu Luftakrobaten auf" [ Link ]


"Autonomous Vision-Controled Flying Robots (in German)" [ PDF ]


31.10.2015Robots Podcast

"Embodied Quadrotors" [ Link ] [ RoboHub ]


"Wenn Drohnen mit eigenen Augen fliegen" [ Link ]

15.04.2015Robotics Business Review

"Swiss Team Develops Self-Stabilizing Drones" [ Link ]

14.04.2015IEEE Spectrum

"You Can Launch This Quadrotor by Throwing It in the Air" [ Link ]

10.04.2015Futura Sciences

"Un drone qui se stabilise comme un funambule" [ Link ]

09.04.2015De Ingenieur

"Full-safe drone" [ Link ]

08.04.2015Scientific Computing

"New Technology Making Drones Safer and Smarter" [ Link ]


"New technology keeps drones from crashing and burning" [ Link ]


"System allows hampered drones to regain control and land safely" [ Link ]


"Zuercher Forscher macht Drohnen zu 'Seiltaenzern'" [ Link ]


"Zuercher Forscher ruesten Drohnen zu Luftakrobaten auf" [ Link ]


"Quadrotor automatically recovers from failure or aggressive launch, without GPS" [ Link ]


"Attack of the drones! Palm-sized machines and self-flying vehicles go on display in Germany" [ Link ]

05.03.2015UZH News

"Flying with Drones" [ Link ]

27.02.2015youBot Newsletter

"Aerial-guided navigation of the youBot" [ Link ]


"Ground-Flight collaboration" [ Link ]



"Drones Under Control" [ Link ]




"Die 50 wichtigsten Fragen" [ PDF ] [ Link ]


"Die schlauste Drohne der Welt kommt aus Zuerich" [ Link ]

12.06.2014Augsburger Allgemeine

"Quadrocopter steuert aus der Luft Robotereinsatz" [ Link ]


"KUKA Innovation Award verliehen" [ Link ]

Public Exhibitions

22.10.2014NCCR Site visit, Lausanne

Video ]

3.-6.06.2014AUTOMATICA, Munich

31,000 visitors [ Link ] [ Video ]


01.12.2014UZH News

"Die gute Drohne" [ Link ]

07.10.2014IEEE Spectrum

"Dynamic Vision Sensors Enable High-Speed Maneuvers With Robots" [ Link ]


"Research Group from University of Zurich wins KUKA Innovation Award" [ Link ]

05.06.2014UZH News

"Erster Preis fuer Zuercher Flugroboter" [ Link ]

01.06.2014SPARC Robotics

"Stories of Success: Enabling researchers to innovate in small scale for the factory of the future" [ Link ]

30.05.2014MIT News

"Think fast, robot" [ Link ]



02.12.2013SRF 10vor10

"Drohnen als Postboten" [ Video ] [ Link ]

07.11.2013Arte X:enius

"Drohnen - Nuetzliches Werkzeug oder toedliche Waffe?" [ German ] [ French ] [ Link ]

29.04.2013RTS nouvo

"Des drones pour sauver des vies" [ Link ]


13.05.2014Neue Luzerner Zeitung

"Drohnen: Die Vielfalt scheint unbegrenzt" [ PDF ]

03.12.201320 Minuten

"Amazon-Drohne hebt noch lange nicht ab" [ PDF ]

29.08.2013Die Zeit

"Die fliegenden Kuriere" [ Link ]


"Der Spion vor deinem Fenster" [ PDF ]


02.12.2013Radio 24 Tag

"Amazon revolutioniert Bestellservice" [ MP3 ]

31.08.2013Regionaljournal ZH/SH, SRF 1

"Fuer den Kriseneinsatz: Uni Zuerich zeigt Roboter-Duo" [ MP3 ] [ Link ]

Public Exhibitions

23.-25.10.2013tunZurich, Zurich

Link ]

31.08.-01.09.2013Scientifica, Zurich

20,000 visitors [ Link ]

20.04.2013Festival de Robotique, EPFL Lausanne

17,000 visitors [ Video ] [ Link ]

09.03.2013Robots on Tour, Zurich

4,000 visitors [ Link ]


31.03.2013IEEE Spectrum

"UZH Wishes Us All a Happy Robot Easter" [ Link ]


"Robots Save Easter After Negligent Bunny Makes A Mess Of Everything" [ Link ]




"Die Dressur der Drohnen" [ PDF ]

01.09.2012MIT Technology Review Magazine

"Roboter fliegen mit Teamgeist" [ Link ]



"Autonomous Flying Robots" [ Link ]

03.05.2012IEEE Spectrum

"sFly Quadrotors Navigate Outdoors All By Themselves" [ Link ]

Video Highlights

February 17, 2017

Davide Scaramuzza talks about visual-inertial state estimation, active vision, and event-based vision at the CMU Robotics Institute Seminar Series. Abstract.

September 27, 2016

Our latest work on agile quadrotor flight through narrow gaps was featured on IEEE Spectrum and Robohub. For more details, check our research page.

February 10, 2016

Our latest work on using Deep Learning to teach drones to recognize and follow forest trails to search for missing people (Journal Paper, research page) was featured in the NBC News, Popular Mechanics, Discovery Channel, Whashington Times, Robohub, and many other news!

March 30, 2015

Our latest work on failure recovery from agressive flight was featured featured in IEEE Spectrum.

October 24, 2014

Our latest work on Aerial-guided Navigation of a Ground Robot among Movable Obstacles was the KUKA Innovation Award (20,000 EUR).

October 22, 2014

Interview with Elias Mueggler on Air-Ground Robot Teams.

October 25, 2012

Autonomous Vision-Controlled Micro Flying Robots: Davide Scaramuzza at TEDxZurich.

December 2, 2013

The Robotics and Perception Group was featured in the news programme 10vor10 of the Swiss National TV (SRF)

November 20, 2013

RPG was featured on the German-French TV channel ARTE in their science programme X:enius. The French version is available here.

March 31, 2013

Happy Easter from RPG! Read also article in IEEE Spectrum and Gizmodo..